Aug 7, 2008

Ugly Election Campaign Looms

We are not the only people to see a Watergate analogy and questionable ethics.

This is the first para from today's Trans Tasman

It’s going to be an ugly election campaign. This is if it follows the pattern set this week. National and Labour went at it hammer and tongs, as they sought to undermine each other’s credibility. Lost in the political static were the ethics of recording by undercover means and then broadcasting, private conversations. Shades of Watergate? National’s deputy leader Bill English was forced into an embarrassed apology over what appeared to be criticism of his leader John Key. Then Key accused Labour of using activists to infiltrate the party conference and tape MPs’ private conversations, a new level of gutter politics, he said. This prompted Michael Cullen to talk of “hysteria” on the part of the Opposition leader. “Key’s panic is understandable, but his paranoia does him no credit.”