Aug 5, 2008

Proof That Labour Is Considering Sacking Peters

Kiwiblog has an interesting post just up on polling that Labour is doing on Helen Clark's handling of the Peters' scandals. Clearly Labour are trying to determine how much damage has been done to Labour's and Helen Clark's image. We agree fully with Farrar that paters may not react kindly to this news. As we saw when last in Government, and at times during the current stint, Paters is capable of acting like a two year old. If he doesn't get his way, even on small issues, he will threaten to tear the whole edifice down. Will there be a vote on the Appropriations Bill and how will Winston vote? We see that the Bill remains at #1 spot in the order paper.

I am sure David won't mind if we reproduce his full post:

I got an e-mail last night from someone who was polled by UMR - Labour’s polling company.
On top of the normal questions asking if people think John Key is slippery, there were at least two questions on how the Prime Minister has handled the Winston Peters funding scandal. They asked if people thought she had been decisive and also if people approve of her handling of Peters on a five point scale from strongly approve to strongly disapprove.
This is pretty significant. You don’t ask questions for no reasons. The results of that polling will obviously influence what Clark does once the confidence vote is passed this week.
Winston may not be amused to find out Helen is polling, effectively to find out whether she should sack him or not.
The results will be interesting. You see NZ First can survive by pissing off 90% of the public and confusing half of the remaining 10%. Major parties can not. When National had NZ First’s Tukugate (which was a completely trivial issue compared to this) scandal, it was National that eventually also got pushed down in the polls as you get suffer guilt by association.