Aug 6, 2008

Did Winston Peters Lie About Another Donation?

The front page of today's Dominion Post suggests that he did. The Dominion Post is alleging that Peters received a donation from Simunovich Fisheries. Peters denied this at the time.

Winston Peters' credibility is in further doubt, with new claims emerging that NZ First accepted donations from a Simunovich account.
The NZ First leader has publicly stated that the party did not receive money from Simunovich Fisheries, a heavyweight fisheries company.
But a well-placed NZ First source has told The Dominion Post that the party banked at least one cheque bearing the Simunovich name.
The latest revelation heaps more pressure on Mr Peters to answer questions about allegations around NZ First's political donations.

Who owns Kermadec Restaurant and why is this ringing a bell? Maybe some of our Auckland readers can help out.