Aug 8, 2008

Fish Cash Issue Angers Winston

From today's NZ Herald

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters reacted angrily yesterday to suggestions his party had received donations from Simunovich Fisheries.
"You establish your own lies," he said outside Parliament when asked if he had received donations from the company.
Asked to clarify later, a spokesman said he declined to comment.
Questions over whether the party had received donations from the company have arisen in the past but been denied.
Mr Peters was repeatedly challenged by Act leader Rodney Hide in Parliament on Wednesday to say whether he received donations from Simunovich, after speculation of a donation re-emerged in the Dominion Post newspaper.
Mr Peters would not confirm or deny the claims in the House. Yesterday he seemed to dismiss the claim outside the House, implying that it was "lies".
He has previously emphatically rejected similar claims, telling the Herald in 2004 that the company had not given to his party.
"I'm saying no," he said at the time.