Jun 6, 2008

Winston's Office Replies

We received the following reply to our questions:

you need to talk to damian edwards - the nz first chief of staff.he handles winston's media on the political side.

James Funnell
Senior Private Secretary
Rt Hon Winston Peters
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister for Racing
Assoc Minister for Senior Citizens

These were the questions we asked:

Is it true that Minister Peters does not answer questions from political blogs?

Why does he refuse to answer questions from political blogs?

Is he aware that several political blogs now have a greater readership than a number of well read mainstream publications such as The Independent?

Which political blogs does Minister Peters read?

Does Minister Peters have a blog?

These all seem legitimate questions to ask a Minister of the Crown. This is why the questions were all addressed to Minister Peters. We are clearly disappointed with this reply but will re-direct to Damian Edwards.