Jun 5, 2008

Today's Trans Tasman

Another good issue from Trans Tasman today. Like The Hive TT is suggesting that the Greens have a bit of a rethink on its agriculture policies. They hypothesise a link between polling just above 5% and promoting policies that will damage the economy. TT also note the poor optics of a Green Party being led by a Maoist and a neo-Marxist.

What price Winston's support for the ETS? TT suggest electricty rebates for SuperGold Holders. TT also suggests that some delay in the ETS legislation is inevitable. Winston's reward for Rob Moore-Jones is also picked up - they say Madrid which is consistent with what we are hearing. Apparently no one wants to replace Rob. We wonder why?

TT has also picked up on Goff's surprise visit to Geneva.

But most disturbing is an article about where NZ sits in Australian foreign and defence policy priorities.