Jun 17, 2008

Revised ETS - Huge Uncertainty For Business

Brian Fallow in the NZ Herald has a look at the new look emissions trading scheme as it comes back from Select Committee. He concludes that there are big areas of uncertainty for business. The Greens and National dissented but NZ First lap dogs supported this dreadful majority report. Another nail in the NZ First electoral coffin.

National's position seems spot on to us

National said it was unsatisfactory for Parliament to defer the many significant design issues raised by submitters to regulations to be determined in the future.
"Issues such as where the point of obligation is for agriculture, whether there will be an industry allocation for new entrants, where the threshold will be for trade-exposed industries, whether allocations will be intensity-based, and whether forestry will be allowed an offset provisions are fundamental to the success of the ETS," it said