Jun 8, 2008

Ralston On Russel Norman

Bill Ralston writes an entertaining attack on the Green Co-Leader Russel Norman. Read the whole thing

We will however reproduce its conclusion

Born in Brisbane, a self-confessed political junkie, Norman has a PhD in politics and a long history here and in Australia of activist involvement in everything from organic farming to union issues and aboriginal land rights. He has embraced the Green movement with zeal, and is obviously a very hard-working young fogey. But he is no Rod Donald.
Donald understood the Green Party is a "big picture" party. Its brand is its vision and its global perspective but he also knew voters rely on the Greens tempering their principles with a measure of common sense.
Norman has yet to grasp that. Maybe he should get a life, commune with nature, go to the zoo and have a chat with Snorkel. If she surfaces.

Snorkel is an aged hippo at Auckland Zoo who Russel Norman aparently objects to.

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