Jun 2, 2008

PM To Goff: Don't Hurry Back

From PM to Goff - Private and Confidential - Please ensure this message is passed to Minister Goff asap in Arial 12 Point

Dear Phil

Recent polling is showing that the only aspect of our policy that is winning votes is our FTA policy. I was pleased to read on The Hive that you are taking some time in Geneva to assess the lie of the land there. I see also that Pascal Lamy is still talking about a WTO Ministerial meeting in late June as still being a realistic possibility.

As there is nothing really important going on here I wonder if you would mind staying offshore for a while to put some renewed energy into the FTA process.

As MFAT can't find a negotiator to lead the next round of negotiations with the GCC why don't you lead the negotiation?

Why not fly to Ottawa to see why the Canadians aren't wanting a FTA with us? And then there are the 27 EU capitals. Can you visit each one to press the case for our launching a negotiation with them? An announcement around 10 October would be good. In Madrid Winston wonders if you could measure the curtains. He wants this information for a friend.

Just fit these visits around the WTO Ministerial.

According to my calculations this important travel programme should keep you offshore until mid July. Just to make sure all stays on track with your portfolios I am sure you won't mind if I ask David Cunliffe to have a bit of an oversight.

Thanks you for taking on this important task for the Party.

See you in mid July.