Jun 13, 2008

MFAT Staff Increase 79% Since 2003?

One shocking fact contained in yesterday's review of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in yesterday's Trans Tasman is the current Ministry staff size. According to Trans Tasman this now stands at 1,092 (in 2003 it was 610). That is a whopping 79% increase. Remember this is before the half billion dollar cash infusion that MFAT will start receiving from 1 July. Has productivity grow in MFAT 79% since 2003? Has output grown 79% since 2003?

Maybe the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade select committee can get these questions answered.

While productivity growth in MFAT remains a mystery it seems that salary levels have grown in keeping with staff size. Trans Tasman tells us that 68 are now earning more than $150,000 a year with 17 earning over $200,000. [We don't mind good staff being well paid. The problem with MFAT is that many of those being paid the most wouldn't have a hope of commanding that money in the private sector - yet many of those who are not being that well paid could command big private sector salaries].

We know that Winston sleeps through briefings and banquet speeches. Has he been completely asleep as Minister these last three years?? And what has happened to Treasury's oversight of MFAT. Has someone gone to sleep there also?