Jun 7, 2008

John Roughan Talks To Roger Douglas

John Roughan interviews Roger Douglas. It seems that Roger Douglas wants to be Finance Minister again. And unlike National he is explaining the policies he would want to introduce

He spread a brochure on the table. It was a chart of policies that promised to raise our incomes to Australian levels and keep our children here.
It was the platform you would expect from Act: cut public spending, flatten taxes, close needless state agencies, create competitive markets in education, healthcare and insurance for accidents, sickness, unemployment ... Alongside each plank was a figure for its calculated boost to average weekly pay and annual national growth.

and later on

Act would boost immigration as Australia is doing right now, make schools compete for pupils. It would make it easier for employers to trial-hire and fire, privatise more public services, improve roads, water and power lines and replace user charges with tolls that reward off-peak use.