Jun 17, 2008

Investor Uncertainty: Labour's Undoing?

"...the government was dysfunctional. The business, commercial and farming sectors, which provided more than 70 percent of the jobs in the country and needed a predictable policy climate if they were to invest, were thoroughly confused"

A commentary on the Clark Government post the report back on the ETS?

No, page 450 of Michael Bassett, Working With David, in the Chapter "Dropping The Plot".

We thought that there were enough people with personal experience of the Fourth Labour Government's demise to avoid a similar catastrophe for the Labour Party. The Hive is not anti-Labour. We just know that the ETS is very bad policy that will come back to bite. And we know that it is going to cause Labour major problems come election time. We don't want to see Labour break apart again as it did the late 80s and early 90s. But the rout that is likely should this legislation pass through is going to see a further breaking apart. Some will go Laila and Matt's way. And some will hang on in there around Goff. You are handing this election to National.