Jun 4, 2008

Herald To Greens: Drop The Far Left Agenda

Interesting Editorial in the NZ Herald today. It suggests that Labour might be about to pay the price for not spending enough time taking account of the interests of the Green and Maori parties. It also has some helpful advice for the Greens. The Hive endorses this advice:

Despite their durability, the Greens should be a stronger party in this country. Environmental values are widely held and can offer a political identity outside the normal social divide. The party in our Parliament, however, has not offered a separate identity, it adheres to a left-wing view of environmentalism, opposed to free trade, preferring public ownership to private property, distracted by issues it calls social justice.
A broader Green Party would build some conservation projects on private property rights and recognise the power of market forces to ensure resources are used sustainably. A party of that stamp would draw support from across the spectrum and could contemplate dealings with any government.
The Green Party needs to move out of left field and become a central player.

Somehow we can't see a Norman/Bradford led Green Party taking the Greens in this direction. Might a true Green Party be the solution??