May 13, 2008

Would The EU Use Processes That It Bans From Others?

The Financial Times also reports today that EU poultry producers have been caught using the same chlorine-wash processes on exported poultry meat that it bans for imports. Which EU member could possibly use this disgusting process in such a hypocritical way? According to a senior EU official “The French use [chlorine washing] for exports to Saudi Arabia.”

Is the US not threatening action in the WTO on the ban? And hasn’t The European Food Safety Authority found that chlorine washing “does not indicate a safety concern”. No wonder that the EU is considering a change to its import rules. And surely no one could object to the removal of a ban that is clearly a breach of WTO rules? Apparently some can, more than half the EU Agriculture Ministers want things left as they are. Standards used for protectionist purposes by Europe? Never!!