May 18, 2008

Our Weekly Metrics And Links

We were very pleased to see that Tumeke is continuing the blog ranking service and that rankings for March/April will be out in a couple of days. This has incentivised us to resume our weekly reporting of our metrics.

NZ Political Blog Rank #9

Alexa 3-Month Average Ranking 365,107

Alexa NZ Ranking 887

Technorati Rank 131,962

Technorati Authorities 69

Unique visits 4,031

Page views 6,128

We have also added today another couple of links from sites we have discovered linking to The Hive. Thanks Frogblog in particular for the link. Sorry it has taken a week or so to reciprocate. If we have missed your blog please let us know. Generally we find out about the link through Technorati picking up the reference or from referrals noticed by Google analytics.

Thank you for reading The Hive.