May 18, 2008

National To Oppose Current Emissions Trading Scheme Proposal

The Hive is very pleased that National has come to its senses and formally stated its opposition to the currently proposed policies on emissions trading. More work needs to be done on this policy and it would be irresponsible for Parliament to pass the legislation. We realise that this would be a difficult position for National to come to and that it is probably not the preferred policy position of climate change spokesperson Nick Smith. But is it the correct policy position.

The politics around the EMS are now fascinating. We now have ACT, Maori, National and United essentially saying "no" or "take more time". To pass Labour will need the support of NZ First and the Greens. We think that at the end of the day the Greens will have to support this bill but they are very unhappy about aspects of the policy. NZ First at caucus level is worried by the policy. We know that Deputy Leader Peter Brown is opposed, but all that matters is what Winston thinks. Winston will be looking at the consequences of voting for the legislation. It will be really bad for his core support base. It is all cost, cost, cost. Plus plenty of his supporters have invested in forests. Voting yes on this would also make his planned campaign on GST removal on food and fuel look even more hypocritical. This is going to be fun to watch!