May 13, 2008

Morning Wrap Up

Having huge technical difficulties which is frustrating so will post a quick wrap-up (and expand if possible)

Both Stuff and NZ Herald have a report on the threat posed by the EMS to Tiwai Point ...

Interesting Paula Olover article on Cullen's likely problems today in the House. We believe that when the truth is realised by the average New Zealander the Toll purchase will be the final nail in the coffin. Hive to PM - Cullen and team stuffed up on this one. Time to find a way out. Those wanting to dig - follow the money.

Ken Graham on the Green list is interesting. Does this improve chances of a Green - National accommodation? Yet another ex-diplomat Groser, Graham, Cunliffe, Robertson, Hayes seem pretty likely to be there and there is at least one more (Parata) possible. The new Parliament will be an interesting one for MFAT.