May 13, 2008

Kennedy Graham

A good addition to the Green list. We know we annoy our Green readership by using Green in quotes from time to time. This is because we wish you were an environmentally focused party as opposed to a group of Marxists and single issue people (food safety, dope etc) using the Green Party as a cover. Ken, offers the chance for a serious debate with the Green caucus and someone within the caucus who understands the realities of the world. The Hive believes that you can be "green" and support economic growth and free trade and more roads etc.

Ken's last post with MFA was Geneva where he served with Tim Groser. That dynamic will be interesting to watch.

Like many, Ken found Geneva difficult to leave so stayed on in a range of roles. It is great we have him back in NZ and should he make it (should the Greens make it) he will be a useful addition to Parliament.