Nov 4, 2008

New Version Of Swan Dive Or Belly Flop

The New Zealand Institute and NZX have produced a new version of Swan Dive and Belly Flop. We will read tonight and comment tomorrow (it will be better than watching the US election results come in - Democrats in control!! Sigh!).

It is on the NZX blog site.

Here is the media release summary

Today we have released round two of Swan Dive or Belly Flop? This version is very different, and, we believe much improved on, the previous version.
In terms of policy it has new ideas (e.g., lower corporate tax rate and the elimination of imputation, practical suggestions to improve public-private sector cohesion), significant refinements on previous ideas (e.g. refined proposals on provisional tax and depreciation), new analysis (e.g. on NZSF directing funds into the NZ economy in larger chunks, SOE performance, KiwiCo). Some of these were entirely “externally” generated via feedback, especially on this blog. All benefited from such feedback
In terms of “what next” Swanbelly outlines plainly the need for a broader economic strategy, of which SwanBelly, with its focus on the productive sector, could form a part. Most importantly, it lays out criteria by which the next government’s economic strategy can be evaluated, and concludes with a call to action for the new government to deliver a bold, clear economic growth strategy as a matter of urgency.
Over this process it has become clear to us, with Lloyd issuing his “goal for NZ”, the Unions and Bus NZ both putting out economic strategies, individuals working on detailed manifestos, as well as via the feedback from bloggers and well known civic leaders, that there is a deep need for urgent, cohesive, inclusive New Zealand response, and that this crisis may provide just the opportunity for us to create that.
Whoever the next government is, they should take on board, and ignore at their peril, that the public is thirsty to contribute, and has had enough of being ignored in policy formation, and the overall “direction of travel” of New Zealand. The opportunity, and the risks, are clear to whoever the next government leader is……
Post your thoughts and feedback on version two below. Don’t hold back.
Long term, we encourage you to continue to keeping visiting this blog and participating in an ongoing national conversations about the economic issues and opportunities facing New Zealand.
Download the
Full media release here
Download Swan Dive or Belly Flop? - Version 2 Here