Nov 2, 2008

Monthly Metrics

Thanks again Tim Selwyn and Tumeke for the blog ranking service. Here are our statistics for October. Our readership continues to grow but the growth was not as spectacular as September. Our readership in Georgia and Russia has dropped off and we are now banned from the Ministry of Health.

NZ Political Blog Rank #4 (last month #8)

Likely Tumeke Blog Rank Score 1,624 (1,637)

Alexa 3-Month Average Ranking 235,902 (280,180)

Alexa NZ Ranking 332 (372)

Technorati Rank 113,548 (96,621)

Technorati Authorities 55 (68) - We can't quite figure Technorati out.

Unique visits - 45,942- 1,482 average a day (44,421)

Page views 71,945 (74,100)

Average Highest # of comments on a post 11

Number of posts 340 (76.77 per week)

Where do people read The Hive?
NZ 40,648
US 1,608
Aus 1,227
UK 570
HK 261

Last month we were read by all states in the US except Mississippi.

Thank you for reading The Hive.