Nov 2, 2008

Disagreements Within NZ First

Yesterday's information about cash for policy payments to NZ First involving Ross Meuraant have highlighted growing tension within the NZ First team. NZ First, as we all know, is as tighly controlled by Winston as Adolf Hitler controlled the Nazi Party. Election returns can't be filed on time because Winston needs to see them first etc. If you slip up or challenge the leader you are out - just look at the way Dail Jones has been treated. So it is highly unusual for NZ First MPs to be questioning the Leader's judgement, let alone in public. But today, in the Herald on Sunday this is just what has happened.

Yesterday, Ron Mark said he had warned Peters about his involvement with Meurant: "I have no relationship with Ross, other than advising Winston he should have nothing to do with him."
Peter Brown, the party's deputy leader, said Meurant's comments were "bullshit" and he was playing up his own importance.
Brown, too, had expressed concerns about working with the lobbyist. "I went to Winston privately," Brown said. "I just said to him, `I don't know what's wrong with the guy, all I know is that something adverse will happen _ it's not a question of if, but when'. But the boss knew him from old and got on quite well with him."

We must say, we are with Ron Mark and Peter Brown on Meurant (we took a dislike to the man in 1981 during the Springbok Tour), but then unlike Winston, we did not go to school with Meurant.

Dail Jones, another NZ First MP, described Meurant as "irrelevant" and criticised his work.