Nov 4, 2008

Cracker? No. Tom Thumb Maybe

Why was everyone so excited about the latest tape. The PM described it as a cracker. No way. Not even a Christmas cracker.

Sad, pathetic and more gutter journalism.

We don't watch TV3 anymore but paid my daughter to report what was said. A complete fizzer.

What is more interesting is the news of who was involved in the taping and leaking of the tape to the home of gutter journalism aka - TV3 - and the strong links of this creep with the Labour Party, The Standard and the PSA. A curse on all your houses. Read all about this creep on Whaleoil.

As a public policy and political specialist we are becoming offended at the way Labour is mismanaging this campaign. For the second week in a row your attempts at smear will cost you votes. With the gap at 19 last Sunday you might have tried something more positive.

We are now predicting landslide Saturday.