Aug 16, 2008

Will 73 List Names Be Enough For National?

The Hive sees the possibility of further swings to National during the election campaign proper. It may not happen but it could. This would give National even more votes than this morning's Fairfax poll is suggesting. As it is the analysis on Curiablog suggests that on the Fairfax numbers National would have 70 MPs. It won't take too much of a swing, to see the remaining 3 list spaces actually make it to Parliament. What happens if National is entitled to 75 seats but has only 73 names on the list? Heads will roll. A huge cock-up. And as we have seen, it is handy for parties to have a few names on the list that don't make it in on the election, but make it into Parliament during the term as people in Parliament drop out. There will be a few. On balance we think National should go for 80 list names.