Aug 11, 2008

Tauranga: National Ahead Of Labour And NZ First Combined

Many people have comments on last night's poll result for the Tauranga electorate. What interests us is not the vote for the electorate candidate, though we are surprised that Labour's candidate has done so well (Pankhurst and Peters combined, however don't manage to overtake Bridges). Rather we are interested in the Party Vote. Can people remember back to when one of the colleges in Tauranga used to predict election results accurately because the electorate was the best predictor in the country?

Well have a look at this:

Party Support
National 55%
Labour 31%
NZ First 6%

This poll was taken between 6 and 9 August - at the height of the major damage that was supposedly done to National by the tapes. Note also, in its home base NZ First was only able to just squeek past the 5% mark. We agree with the PM that this poll will have an impact on Winston. He will be shitting himself. What is he going to do on 19 October? Maybe he will be given a race course of fishing boat to manage.....