Aug 21, 2008

Snapper Card

We see that Frogblog has joined Poneke in finding fault with the way NZ Bus has dealt with the Snapper card.

We therefore feel it important to report that the Snapper card is working perfectly for us. Every bus that we have taken since we purchased the card has been Snapper enabled and the card has worked perfectly. We find it very user friendly on the bus. We have also used it once or twice instead of cash when buying coffee. Again it worked perfectly. We like the card so much we have procured a Snapper feeder and last night set the system up. It was very easy to set up and we were able to load $50 more onto the card in a matter of seconds. Again very user friendly. We look forward to Snapper being extended into the school and student concession markets.

We commend the Snapper system to those considering the introduction of just such a system into Auckland.