Aug 5, 2008

Sir Bob To Go To The Police?

This from today's NZ Herald site:

Sir Robert Jones has written again to New Zealand First, this time threatening to go the police if he gets another "evasive reply" about where his $25,000 donation went.
The latest letter was addressed to MP Doug Woolerton, the party's president in 2005 when Sir Robert made a cheque out to the secret Spencer Trust believing it was going to party leader Winston Peters and the party.
It follows a letter to immediate past-president Dail Jones, who Sir Robert said had "hedged" and simply replied that he did not know.
"My sole concern is the money was used for party purposes, but getting a straight answer from New Zealand First is a recipe for disappointment," Sir Robert said. "If the money has not reached the party, it constitutes theft. If I receive another evasive reply then clearly it is a matter for the police."
Sir Robert said he had no reason to seek answers from the Spencer Trust - administered by Mr Peters' brother Wayne, a Whangarei lawyer - because he had "no connection" with it. He made the cheque out to NZ First and it was its duty to respond, he said.