Aug 14, 2008

Russian Imperialist Aggressors Don't Keep Their Word

This from the Financial Times - just out

Russian armoured vehicles moved into the Georgian town of Gori and the surrounding area on Wednesday, destroying Georgian military bases as reports emerged of South Ossetian militia looting the town. Russian peacekeepers said they were removing military hardware and ammunition from an arms depot outside Gori.
”In the vicinity of Gori, a big military depot was discovered containing Georgian military hardware,” a spokesman for Russia’s peacekeeping force said by telephone.
”The depot was unguarded and the military hardware there was battle-ready. In the interests of demilitarising the conflict zone and ensuring the safety of the population, the military hardware and ammunition are now being removed.”
Georgia accused Russia of sending tanks into Gori, 20 km from the South Ossetia border, with journalists in the town confirming there had been an incursion while Moscow denied it.
”Russians have entered the town of Gori. There were about 50 tanks and armoured vehicles,” Georgian National Security Council secretary Kakha Lomaia told a news briefing. Moscow’s foreign ministry rejected the Georgian claims.
Czech TV journalists in Gori however said they saw a column of 20 to 30 armoured personnel carriers belonging to the regular Russian army that had been transferred from duty in Chechnya. They saw smoke rise up from a Georgian army base in the town, which suggested that it had been destroyed by Russian troops although it was not clear whether the force would stay or leave.
The reports came a day after Russia announced a “provisional cessation of hostitlities” as part of an outline peace plan brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.