Aug 11, 2008

Russia v. Georgia - Time To Negotiate

Well, writing about this war between Russia and Georgia has certainly boosted out readership in that part of the world! And have a look at the comments threads. We are sure our posting rules have been broken, but we can't understand all the languages being used.

We are encoraged by latest news that both sides seem willing to negotiate. There has been too much killing. Put the guns down, and leave the planes on the ground. No more shelling or missiles. Lets see a serious effort to negotiate a settlement. Hopefully New Zealand will say something similar soon (if has already not said it).

Update: While Russia may be willing to talk, it seems to still be fighting. Georgia may have started things by sending troops into a breakaway province, but we do believe that it is now up to Russia to stop fighting. Overall we are most uncomfortable with Russia's reaction. The use of force has been excessive, and we see no justification for invading or attacking Georgian territory.