Aug 2, 2008

Peters Guilty

of hypocrisy. So says Fran O'Sullivan in today's NZ Herald. She suggests that the shoe is now firmly on the other foot for Peters and that he is not allowing the same accountability of NZ First actions that he demands of other parties. Who was it who said:

"On whose behalf was the cheque to be held and what happened to this money? Is there any significance that ... was in serious financial trouble?"
"Why is the Serious Fraud Office taking so long to find the answers to these questions?"
"I say the whole thing stinks."
This is not a fly-on-the-wall report of Sir Robert Jones railing over the fate of his $25,000 donation to New Zealand First during his legendary Friday night drinks. (Jones is more garrulous than that even without the easy sociability his personal networks provide.)
Nor even Act leader Rodney Hide making an occasional visit to Parliament to leap on to the NZ First donations affair and receive a bucket of the proverbial in return, raising legitimate questions about his own party's practices.
No, this was the old maestro
[Winnie] himself in full flight back in 2002 using Parliament to pressure the SFO to get to the bottom of an investigation into National Party donations sourced from his nemesis Fay Richwhite.