Aug 3, 2008

Our Monthly Metrics

Instead of weekly updates we are moving to a monthly repoting format which might help Tumeke's blog ranking system.

It has been quite a good month for us, made more challenging by having to do alot of trave, often in areas without good internet connections. This has both reduced our ability to keep up with developments and to post.

Our full monthly metrics for July were:

NZ Political Blog Rank #9 (last month #8)

Alexa 3-Month Average Ranking 342,432 (354,900)

Alexa NZ Ranking 714 (735)

Technorati Rank 83,908 (79,699)

Technorati Authorities 79 (80)

Unique visits 22,843

Page views 33,089

Where do people read The Hive?

NZ 19,953
US 994
Aus 731
UK 290
Canada 106
Switzerland 102
HK 82

The Great Firewall of China is turned on on we had 43 visitors from China last month. They spent an average 9 minutes and 2 seconds on The Hive.

In the US we are now read in 44 states. California and New York have the largest readership.

Thank you for reading The Hive.