Aug 19, 2008

Last Night's Theatre

Big stuff up by Mr Henry last night on the $40,000. This is going to cause all kinds of problems. Good on Russel Norman for asking the question. Kiwiblog has a good post on this.

We hope IRD were taking note of last night's proceedings. We would be having a look today at all Mr Henry's GST returns and his tax returns. And the Privileges Committee should be requesting these also. Likewise they can request to see all bank records, money donated and money spent on Mr Henry's services. Has Mr Henry paid any other bills for Winston over the years?

Client lawyer privilege does not apply in a Privileges Committee context so the Committee can force Henry to reveal the name of the person who suggested he call Owen Glenn. If he doesn't reveal the name why not throw him the clanger for a few weeks for a period of self reflection?

Henry and Winston, while trying to be very clever, in fact have opened a whole new can of worms. It could get very bad for Winston.