Aug 9, 2008

Is Anyone Aware Of Any NZ Statement On The Situation In Georgia?

We can't find any statements on the Internet or on Official Websites from the New Zealand Government on the situation in Georgia. The most recent entry for Foreign Minister Peters is a speech on the role of the Foreign Minister. We have not read this speech, but one role is to communicate to the world our views on a big country going to war against a small country. Aside from the international law and moral arguments this war isn't going to do much good for the price of oil....

The MFAT website leads with a competition for year 12 and 13 students on the UN Declaration on Human Rights (tip - you won't win if you comment on the electoral finance act and freedom of expression). But we would have thought that the residents of Tiblisi have the right to expect not to have Russian bombers drop bombs on them and when they have this happen, they would expect countries like New Zealand to ask the Russians to stop doing this.

Have any readers heard or read any statements?