Aug 3, 2008

How Well Does Government Use The Internet?

Readers may have noted a month back that we found, somewhat to our surprise, that The Hive was visited more regularly than the MFAT website A month later, this still remains the case. MFAT's current world Alexa rank is 397,542. Its New Zealand rank is 6,691 lower than your would expect, but logical, given that something like 90% of the readership of the MFAT site is international.

We thought that we should expand our analysis to see how other Government Departments are faring.

This is far from a comprehensive analysis but the results are interesting none the less: world 107,680 nz 276 157,079 567 253,381 1,287 389,334 704 397,542 6,691 404,060 2,966 554,541 3,256 987,714 16,619 2,431,951 11,510

What about the much visited FTA website

World rank 1,354,061 NZ rank 26,221