Aug 22, 2008

The Green Dilemma

Paula Oliver has a look at the Green Party's dilemma over how to vote on the ETS. For us the key issue is summarised here

If they back the legislation they will face some difficult questions from their core constituency. They might be seen to be acting as Labour's "handbag".
But if they vote against, they'd better be ready for an icy blast from a wounded Labour, which is desperate to pass its flagship bill.
Such a situation might make the public wonder, come election time, whether a centre-left Government involving the Greens is really a viable option to lead the country.
The stakes are high, and the Green MPs know it.

The polls are showing that the Greens are indeed being seen as being in Labour's handbag. And it is hurting support. In the circumstances wouldn't it be better to have Labour spit the dummy and allow immediate differentiation to occur? Labour has taken 2% support away from the Greens in recent weeks. The Party needs that 2% back, lest it face oblivion.

And would the Greens actually be standing in the way of an ETS? National has said that it will have a better designed ETS in place within 9 months of election. And if Labour manage to pass the current bill National will be making changes. Isn't it better for the Green to be in Parliament to help influence these changes rather than be kicked out of Parliament for being Labour stooges? We think that Parliament would be a much weaker place without the Green Party being represented.

Vote no on Tuesday Green Party. Yes = political oblivion.