Aug 7, 2008

Early Election?

Kiwiblog is suggesting this morning that the PM will go early. We understand that this morning John Key told a Wellington audience (full report expected soon from the Inquiring Mind) that he was expecting 18 October to be the date.

A number of people around town are expecting NZ First to put pressure on the Government to wrap things up early. This is partly because of the prospect that the Privileges Committee will indeed ask to speak to Owen G and because it is clear that there is even more dirt about to come out on who has funded Peters. An interesting new name has emerged from the racing industry according to this mornings Herald. Whale Oil has picked up on this also. We had not heard the name until a couple of days ago, now we have heard several accounts of that person being seen in the company of Mr Peters. There seems no doubt that the extra $9 million a year available for stakes in prestige races will help the valuation of those horses involved at that level in the racing industry. All very interesting. We wish we had been involved in a syndicate. The news on the Simunovich money is even worse with many people around town having heard comment direct from a source who has very good credentials. Winston Peters' comments on this in Parliament yesterday are well worth reading. Watch this space - well read the Dominion Post....