Aug 1, 2008

Does Winston Think That There Is Something Wrong With Being Gay?

That would be a conclusion one could easily reach based upon the mud slinging that went on in Parliament yesterday afternoon. If you have the chance get a copy of the tape or read Hansard. It showed that Winston and his team have only one tactic left -play dirty, in their attempts to try and survive the growing evidence that Winston and his party are funded by big business such as Owen Glenn and the racing industry. Links to the fishing industry are known also.

Winton found things quite damp at the start of proceedings when he stood up to ask a question and in the process put his hand straight into a glass of water. Winston literally didn't know what to do for a second and proceeded to ask his question while trying to shake the water from his sodden hand. Peter Brown and Winston's caucus looked most uncomfortable. They wanted to join in with the rest of Parliament in laughing at him but they new the consequences of what would happen if Winston had seen them even smiling at the situation.

Later on Winston dragged out a series of allegations against Rodney Hide, tried to avoid questions from Russel Norman by focusing on Norman's newness to Parliament, and Keith Locke by reminding people of Locke's previous support for Pol Pot and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

As the Herald notes that, at one stage, Winston appeared to be suggesting that Hide was gay.

Mr Hide told the Herald Mr Peters was "simply trying to divert attention away from the pressing questions he faces and make allegations wildly about everyone else".
He said Mr Peters had been threatening to throw dirt at him if he continued to ask questions over donations to NZ First.
He said he was not affected by the attack, though Mr Peters was suggesting "I'm guilty of financial impropriety, bizarre sexual practice and various other misdemeanours" and insinuating he was gay.
"Quite how me being gay gets him off the hook I don't know". Asked if he was gay, Mr Hide replied: "Not yet."

We like Rodney's reply to the Herald question.

But even if Hide was gay, what would this matter? Does Winston suggest that being gay is somehow wrong? Is it a crime? Is is as bad as lying? Or being corrupt?

What do the large number of gay MPs within the Labour caucus, and the larger number of members of Labour's rainbow faction thing about Winston's attack and what it implies about his views on gay people? How can Labour continue to associate with a person who holds these views?