Aug 9, 2008

Al Gore Has Made US$100 Million From Global Warming

From time to time we at The Hive like a bit of "balance" in our news. So we tune in to Fox. It so happened we have been viewing the "no spin zone" - the O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly just suggested that Al Gore has earned over $100 million from his work as the climate change guru. It does not surprise us. In New Zealand it is the vested interests who seem most interested in supporting the Government's proposed emissions trading scheme. It will be the accountants, lawyers and those operating the unit exchange markets who make the big money - along with Government (set to make billions) - that don't want delay. And on the media side their is strong evidence that the strongest advocates have already made big money from the speaking tour. One prominent commentator is going to make more money from the climate change conference featuring our Kev from across the ditch. Has anyone thought of some serious research and maybe an exposé?