May 11, 2008

Woodham Not Impressed With The Latest From The Greens

Kerre Woodham looks at wider Green Party policy in today's Herald on Sunday.

It must be exhausting being a member of the Green Party. They're so earnest and righteous and determined that the great unwashed will eventually see the light and embrace the way of the Green.

If it's not smacking, it's public transport, or sow crates, or refugees or carbon emissions. Or it's school canteens.

No issue is too big or too small to escape the zealous fervour of the Greens.

Kerre seems particularly upset about the Green Party position on school lunches and tuck shop fare. The result

far be it from me to impose my standards on to you.

Unlike the bloody Greens, who want us all to live by their creeds and guidelines.

It's like being carped at by those mealy-mouthed, sanctimonious prefects who were chronic crawlers and suffered all slings and arrows with the beatific smiles of the truly righteous.
Treating people like infants will invariably make them behave as such.

And hearing the latest pronouncements from Sue and her crew made me want to go out, buy a Hummer, fill it with fuel and drive for miles for no reason at all other than the simple pleasure of driving with hard-core rap on the radio and a pie in my hand.