May 17, 2008


One advantage of being anon is that you hear frank comment on your blog from readers who don't know that they are criticising or praising the authors to their faces. Last week a senior Labour Minister told Queen Bee that The Hive was his favorite blog - he particularly liked the scrutiny it gives to Winston Peters and NZ First. the Minister said that it would be wonderful if NZ First was eliminated at the election. A similar comment was made to QB yesterday by a senior National MP. The MP particularly liked the rules for leaving comments on The Hive - no personal attacks - except about Winston. This is our kind of bi-partisanship!!!

To help both Labour and National achieve the elimination of NZ First can we pass on a tit bit we picked up yesterday. Winston's current thinking seems to be to come out all guns blazing on the removal of GST on food.

We don't think that this will help Winston much, but it might be an idea to bolster the argumentation for maintaining the status quo. Hopefully the media will see through the opportunism also. We also hope that the media will be asking exactly the same questions that Kiwiblog has posted on the NZ First nil return. Where does their money come from??????