May 15, 2008

We Always Thought Doctorates Were Overrated........

The Herald is suggesting that Ms Thompson doesn't have a Ph D from LSE. Lots of New Zealanders go to or have strong association with LSE. We are amazed that this fact has taken so long to come out. The Herald article concludes by noting that

The investigation could question high-profile public servants about Ms Thompson's job interviews.

"Could" - bloody well "should" we say. TPK, Treasury and DPMC are in the gun here. This person has been given extremely important jobs, let alone large salaries. We need to know how this could be allowed to happen? We are a bit less concerned about the Department of Labour's decision to employ Thompson as we are not sure that it was their decision, but again the enquiry needs to find out what went on there. Was it a decision Buwalda made or was it one that was imposed by DPMC and/or Dr Prebble? We need to know.