May 7, 2008

UCOL - The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back?

We hear that concern over the political impact of UCOL's unilateral decision to pull the plug on the Wairarapa's only benefit from the Wellington Regional Strategy has reached the 9th Floor. Remember the importance of 90,000 votes for the Government? Well having 100% of the Wairarapa voting National for the Party vote this election isn't seen as being helpful, particularly when Cunliffe has just delivered 100% of the Hawkes Bay to National. Is the axe about to swing down on UCOL? The UCOL Board and CEO should be very very worried.

Grow Wellington should be equally worried. We hear that Grow Wellington staff have continued their political ineptness and tried to heavy MP John Hayes again today. We repeat our question of earlier today - who is managing the politics on this?

Update: Grow Wellington are telling people around town that this is not exactly how they see their behavior.