May 5, 2008

This Will Be Interesting

We are sure our readership will have been been picking up the speculation of the last few days about Labour accepting that the tide has turned, and decided to run early to avoid total decimation. So the election would bee announced soon after the Budget. Labour would hope for a favourable bounce from the tax cuts and copying of National's broadband policy. They would also be calculating that the Government's policies were better formed than National's and that an early election would catch National on the hop.

Now, at The Hive, we have doubts about this speculation. We think that when the polls are around 30% you hang on for as long as possible hoping for a miracle. But lets say it is accurate. What would you not want to be following hard on the heels of Wishart's work? A history of the inner workings of the Lange Government by Michael Bassett would be high on the Clark/Cullen list of answers we suspect.

So look at this. We would suggest booking early, lest space sell out. This is going to be an interesting book, and probably an even more interesting launch.