May 19, 2008

Parker Talking Porkies

Come on news media do your maths.

Just heard the Radio NZ news with David Parker saying a delay in introducing the emissions trading scheme could cost NZ up to $900 million in the first commitment period.

Did Key put a timeline on his suggested delay? To us he seemed to be asking for more work to be done on design, another round of submissions, and more knowledge about the final shape of Australia's scheme. All this is possible to deliver by the end of 2009.

Now Labour has just pushed the scheme currently on the table back 2 years for transport. The real impact will not start to be felt until 2011 at the earliest, leaving only one more year of the commitment period left. National's new scheme could conceivably be up and running in 2010, the same time as electricity and general industry is integrated under the Government's plan. Is it really National that is risking the $900 million?

Come on Morning Report. Give Parker a call and ask him to justify his $900 million claim.