May 11, 2008

Our Metrics And A Look At The Metrics Of Others

We have not given priority to publishing our metrics for the past two weeks largely because Tumeke seems to have lost enthusiasm for its helpful monthly ranking service, and we were publishing our metrics largely for that audience.

It has however been a good two weeks for The Hive. Readership in NZ and globally continues to grow (a bad day is now 600 readers while that was very good when we started out). We now have 63 Authorities on Technorati (a world rank of 146,555) and our Alexa traffic rank has risen 40,000 to 365,107. Our New Zealand rank stands at 926.

So without the benefit of Tumeke's service how do we compare?

Based on Alexa Global Rankings we seem to be #7

1 Kiwiblog 85,159
2 Whale Oil 157,739
3 Frogblog 226,705
4 Not PC 278,680
5 Public Address 305,660
6 The Standard 336,677
7 The Hive 365,107
8 Poneke 505,200
9 Dave Gee 622,963
10 Kiwiblogblog 605,861

We just looked at Tumeke's top 13 from last time so sorry if we missed anyone. Also we found that Alexa was refusing to rank No Minister this morning so No Minister may have missed out on a top 10.

Based on Alexa NZ rank the list would be a bit different

1 Kiwiblog 155
2 Whale Oil 255
3 The Standard 748
4 Not PC 879
5 The Hive 926
6 Frogblog 931
7 Public Address 988

Whatever way you measure it Kiwiblog does almost twice as well as anyone else!

There appears to be a fall off in readership for a couple of the left leaning blogs. Kiwiblogblog in particular should be a bit worried about their current one week average which is standing at 917,529. This and their NZ rank of 1,993 suggests that they are at risk of not being in the top 20 next time around.