May 2, 2008

How Much Longer Are We Going To Tolerate's Winston Flouting The Rules?

NZ First has still not fessed up whether it had received any donations of more than $10,000. The return was due on Wednesday. What is there excuse? This from the NZ Herald

Yesterday, interim New Zealand First president George Groombridge said the party would make its return by mid-May. "It is all in hand, I can assure you of that," Mr Groombridge said.
"The right honourable Winston Peters will be back in the country on the 16th and he will be tying up the final loose ends, but everything else has been done ... and has all been approved by the board."
Mr Peters is on a trip to the Middle East and Europe. The party's finances have been the subject of much speculation after Mr Peters and former party President Dail Jones gave conflicting accounts of where the party found $158,000 it gave to Starship hospital - a donation which was later returned.

Mr Jones told the media he found a significant sum from an unknown source deposited in NZ First's account just before the party gave the $158,000 to Starship.

Soon after Mr Peters said Mr Jones was "completely wrong" but did not explain what the true situation was.

We think that this delay from NZ First is inexcusable. Winston has played loose with the rules for too long. He should be thrown out.

It is a great shame that ACT has also been tardy. They should know better.