May 9, 2008

The Hive Endorses John McCain For President

The Hive has great pleasure in formally endorsing John McCain as the next President of the United States of America.

Under the New Zealand Act we are unable to endorse any local candidates or parties for anything, but this does not constrain us in supporting candidates for office outside of New Zealand.

Our resons for endorsing McCain are straightforward:
  • Only President McCain can bring the WTO negotiations to an early conclusion
  • Only President McCain can restore confidence in US trade policy
  • President McCain is likely to be more supportive of the US becoming a full member of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership than either Seantor Obama or Senator Clinton
  • Senator McCain is going to win

The Hive is read daily in 42 states in the United States of America. More people read the Hive in the United States than any other country outside of New Zealand. Our biggest readership is in New York, California and Texas - all very important states when it comes to the November election.