May 14, 2008

Further Police Investigaation Into Thompson

Good on Rennie for going to the Police on this. Lets hope he turns out to be a new broom. Where has Thompson been employed? Treasury? DPMC? Labour? Where did she start with Government? Who were the bosses of these departments at the time? This could go a very long way. This from The Herald

The police are investigating the validity of qualifications that former Immigration Department executive Mary Anne Thompson used to apply for senior positions.
Ms Thompson's resignation yesterday followed help she gave to family members from Kiribati to fill out residency applications. The applications were lodged eight months after the closing date for the Kiribati quota.
The matter is still under State Services Commission investigation, but the Department of Labour has said Ms Thompson's resignation was her own choice and not based on any initial findings of that inquiry.
Deputy State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie said the questions over Ms Thompson's qualifications had been referred to police.
"Over the past week information has been provided to me that raises serious questions about the qualifications Mary Anne Thompson said she held in applying for senior roles in the New Zealand Public Service," Mr Rennie said.