Apr 11, 2008

Statement from CPP Investment Board

AUCKLAND, NZ (11 April, 2008): The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) today
said it was disappointed in the outcome of its Overseas Investment Act application, which has
been declined.
CPPIB’s partial takeover offer for Auckland International Airport (AIAL) required CPPIB’s
Overseas Investment Act application to be approved in order for the offer to become
The offer received the necessary levels of shareholder acceptance and approvals.
CPPIB’s Vice President - Head of Infrastructure, Graeme Bevans, said: “We are naturally very
disappointed in the outcome.
“CPPIB appreciates the support we have received from the 29,000 largely New Zealand, Auckland
International Airport shareholders who accepted our offer.”
Under the terms of the offer, the offer will now lapse. Shareholders who accepted the offer are
now free to deal with their holdings as they wish.