Apr 11, 2008

The Reasons For Rejection


You should put aside Marx at tonight's ideology sessions and study the latest decision from our glorious Government, and in particular from Comrades Parker and Cosgrove. For this purpose the full text of their great decision is attached.

Comrades, is it not a great day when we learn that a strategic asset is to stay under New Zealand control? Is it not wonderful that the filthy capitalist classes have had hundreds of millions of net worth wiped from their share portfolio by this decision? Will this decision not discourage further raids on our assets by stinking foreign capital? Will this decision not keep New Zealand interest rates higher for longer, thus discouraging more members of the proletariat from purchasing private property and becoming members of the exploitative capitalist classes? And will this not remove another potential source of investment funds from New Zealand companies, thus reducing their opportunities to expand holdings become more wealthy, and exploit larger numbers of workers?

Study hard Comrades. And don't forget to praise our great leader for her foresight in appointing Comrades Cosgrove and Parker into their positions.