Apr 12, 2008

Labour Not Able To Pick Up Support

Very interesting Roy Morgan poll. It demonstrates clearly that Green voters don't necessarily come from the left. National down 4 (not surprising given performance over the period and constant attack from the media) Labour almost unchanged (very worrying as Cullen and Clark have performed very well in the eyes of the faithful) Greens up 2.5 to 9% (Roy Morgan suggests that Earth Hour is a factor here). NZ First is up 1 (Peter Brown's racist remarks?). No big bounce for ACT however. So where did National's 4% go? Green 2.5, Labour 0.5 and NZ First 1? The reality won't be quite this simple but is probably not that far from the mark. We wrote an essay on the Green/National dynamic late last year. Since writing this we have been doing quite a lot of work with University students and recent graduates. The anti-Labour attitude in this group is quite marked, and it is clear that those who are economically literate will only vote one of three ways - National, ACT, or Green.